Our Founders

Left to Right: Dustin and Rachael Ryen. Owners and founders of Zumapoke.

Family Photo At Zumapoke

Left To Right: Rachael, Coral, and Dustin Ryen

Baby Coral Dancing On Shift

Baby Coral taking a dance break with her Daddy while on shift at Zumapoke.

Baby Coral's First Bite of Food Ever

Coral having her first ever bite of real food. She opted for avocado like many customers eating in Zumapoke.

Rachael Breaks Down A Tuna / Gives Us Nightmares

Executive Chef and Owner of Zumapoke, Rachael Ryen showing us her knife skills breaking down a whole Ahi Tuna. Well breaking down the fish and giving us nightmares with that evil clown smile and sharp knife.

Coral and Her Mom At The Farmer's Market Booth

Baby Coral came in to check on her parents at the Wednesday Night Farmers Market in Davis. She was nice enough to also stop for a photo opp with her mom, Rachael Ryen.

Coral Posing With Her New Sunglasses in Zumapoke

Yeah we know, photo overkill with all of these family photos. But hey our customers always ask for photos of our baby and she’s so cute we just had to share this one of her cheesing in the restaurant. Mahalo, R & D Ryen

Coral and Her Poppa

Baby Coral smiling at the camera and at customers when she stopped in to give her poppa a break at the register. Small wonder she’s way more popular with our customers than either of her parents.

Ryens at Zuma Beach in Malibu, CA

Coral’s first trip to the ocean. She belatedly stopped for a family selfie in front of the entrance to Zuma Beach. Not only a popular surfing beach but also the inspiration behind calling the Ryen’s restaurant Zumapoke.

Coral Meets The Mayor Of Malibu

Zuma Jay aka the Mayor of Malibu holding baby Coral while her parents shopped for gear for the restaurant. Our custom surfboard lighting feature is actually a Zuma Jay surfboard from the Mayor’s surf shop (Zuma Jay’s) which he has run for decades. Next time you are in Malibu stop by Jay’s shop and tell him that baby Coral from Zumapoke sent you!

Zumapoke and Lush Ice is ohana owned and operated by husband and wife team Dustin and Rachael Ryen, and our daughter Coral. Zumapoke has been a lifelong dream of ours, made possible by the generosity of our parents, the sale of a family farm, and our life savings. By opening in Davis we have become stakeholders in a community very dear to us. This agricultural community is very important to us since Rachael’s family are local rice farmers (we actually source rice from our farms when possible) and because her family can trace back its roots in Yolo county over 150 years. Zumapoke strives to be a meeting place and gathering spot for students and locals alike, and hope that we bring a bit of Aloha spirit to the downtown core. We deeply admire Hawaiian culture and food and wanted to see this traditional dish become a staple on the mainland as it is in the islands. Zumapoke is one of the few poke shops to respect the traditional format of poke (pronounced “poh-kay”) and serve it pre-marinated. This allows us to infuse the flavors of the islands into every poke and serve a dish that can only be replicated in Hawa’ii. Our poke might be traditional, but our shop certainly is not! Please stop by to see the many creative additions we have on the menu, like poke tacos, that allow us to impart a bit of the California spirit into this old-world food. Aloha!


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